About Us

We specialize in

-Cut and sew manufacturing


Ruidesen specializes in the development and manufacturing of fabrics from simple children's clothing such as shorts and T-shirts to sophisticated adult clothing such as pajamas. We have a professional design team, merchandisers and assembly line.

Up to date and fast response

We keep on the latest trends in apparel fabrics and design. For your enquiries, we will provide a fast response and quote a competitive price for you whether it’s order status or new enquires.

smooth commutation and organized

We have English speaking staff that knows what you mean and need, you can trust with your delivery plan.

Why work or choose us?

Apparel can only be produced by technical expertise and a strong sense of design, from sketch to warehouse. Therefore, you need to choose your manufacturer wisely.

Shijiazhuang has many professional factories and high-level skilled workers in the city. Therefore, we chose to set-up our main operation base here. We have number of factories workers over 100 and different styles done each year over 120 and over 20 year experience in garment.


We have more than 10 workers in our own factory dedicated to the production of trial and pre-production samples.

We hope the sample can be finished as soon as possible. The faster we can sample, the more good products we can make each quarter. Sample room teams can usually complete samples of familiar fabrics within a week. If the sampled fabric is difficult to obtain, it may take more time. Our merchandiser will keep you updated on when your samples will be ready.


Pattern and sampling


The staff in our sample room are fully qualified to make samples. If you prefer to submit your own schema, this is certainly fine. The sample room has software to read most digital files.

Because we are a full service clothing manufacturer, samples and bulk production are a package deal. We will start sampling after we have agreed with the buyer on all the terms, such as price and time of delivery. Once we are confident we will start the project together and we will make as many samples as possible to get the right final product.

Full service clothing manufacturer

We are a full service clothing manufacturer. This means that we will be responsible for everything, including raw material procurement, proofing, sampling and mass production.